On the Road With Doris & Ez

We're going on a road trip!!!! Could be three weeks could be three years, we'll see. Read below to see where we are now.....

Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 2006 - The Scottsdale Trailer Corral

We feel like baby birds who are ready to leave the nest. We've been living full time in the motor home since our house closed on April 7th. On Sunday we take the first step of our journey when we travel to Page.

The last few weeks have been our chance to organize things and adjust to living in 400 square feet rather than 2600 square feet! We've put things in one place, then reconsidered and moved them someplace else. Ez has spent hours storing things in the slides underneath the coach. We've already decided that some things were unnecessary and have tossed them or moved them back to the permanent storage unit. I suspect this process will continue as we travel.

We've also taken care of maintenance on the motorhome, the Durango and ourselves. We've run errands and arranged for things to happen while we're on the road. Happily, we've also spent time with the good friends and family we won't be seeing for a few months.

In the middle of all this activity, Ez retired on April 21st. His co-workers treated him to several nice celebrations, including one featuring the traditional plaque and cake.

Staying here at the Scottsdale Trailer Corral has given us a preview of what life on the road may be like. It's a small place with flowers, trees and lawn just a short walk from all the swinging hotspots in downtown Scottsdale. Our neighbors are a varied bunch - from retirees, working folks, full-time travelers, and permanent residents. Our immediate neighbor is a cranky fellow who spends all his time at home watching TV and swearing like a sailor at his cat. He's the exception of course - everyone else has been very friendly. It's interesting getting to know them and hearing their stories.

Well, I hope to be much more conscientious going forward about documenting our travels. I hope you'll check in occasionally to see how we're doing. And please, feel free to drop us an email and let us know what's going on in your lives as well. Adios for now. . .